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Because Israel never formally annexed these territories, the Palestinian residents have never been given Israeli citizenship.

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Yen is easily one of the best things about the movie, not just because his fight choreography is both brutal and beautiful.

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DISC 01 - :18 Episode 01 Episode 02 Episode 03 DISC 02 - :22 Episode 04 , Episode 05 , Episode 06 DISC 03 - :24 Episode 07 , Episode 08 , Episode 09 DISC 04 - :25 Episode 10 , Episode 11 , Episode 12 DISC 05 - :21 Episode 13 , Episode 14 , Episode 15 DISC 06 - :21 Episode 16 , Episode 17 , Episode 18 Disc 07 - :13 This edition comes with making-of, interviews, and deleted scenes. The storyline was great, about a young lady from the rough side of town who just wants to make a decent living. I was surprised, he has some very good acting abilities. I absolutely adore the character of the female wrestler and BFF. She's an excellent character actor and her part helped to complete the petrsonality of Noh Eun Sol.

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“I think promises must fall first.” He adds: “At the top, people are not saying anything, instead they’re defensive and they want to be respected.