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Still marching on and see what else I have to work around.But must say compared with several other premium membership plugins it is well rounded and behaves. I do consider such practice disrespectful and illegal, even as a FRAUD - they are selling you, guys, NON-existent profiles in order to get more and more money from you no matter what the result it would be for you.And new design of profiles looks like children's book with all information we were giving to describe ourselves twisted, cut off or re-edited in manner of the person with IQ of 5th grader - primitive language, phrases, structure... I certainly would not want to pay my money for her paycheck. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. But there was a chance on, which collects ALL profiles that were created for years and years and presented them to current customers showing (pretending), that they have millions of members. Moreover I do consider such an action as violation of my private rights, as they are kind of selling my profile, which was canceled and should not exist and they have no right on it for ANY action.

Club members are eligible for upgrading to full BMC membership at the reduced price of £15.20.

Today, noticed that the Login widget doesn’t dynamically adjust to the size of the sidebar.

Not a huge issue, but 1) I don’t want to have to customize the code for this, and 2) even the Buddy Press widget does a better job of handling this (and includes the Gravatar).

Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster The best membership plugin for Word Press just got even better – meet Membership 2.

We completely rewrote Membership from the ground up to create a completely new, faster, more intuitive and beautiful membership system.

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Transform Word Press into a fully functional membership site.

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