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• Antenna hair, in which two little strips of hair are prominent by your forehead, while the rest is tied in a ponytail or bun. As you can see in the photo above, Elle is about to buy an i Book laptop, which came in a ton of distinct colors and looked all bobbly and futuristic, like the i Mac at the time. When I watched this a dozen times as a preteen, I never would have predicted how forgotten this 2002 teen comedy would be.

That's the only look that could make a comeback without being the worst thing on the planet. We've since embraced more minimalist approaches to tech, but those bursts of color were huge at the time. Maybe it was Taco Bell commercials that popularized the tiny dogs, but Paris Hilton and others quickly followed suit with the trend. Let's go over this look in detail: • Long sleeved shirt with a shot sleeved shirt on top. The best ones, of course, had a massive butterfly on them. Still, looking back at it, it had a lot of '00s gems.

There may also be a big question looming and that’s,”What the heck is going on with the Harem girls go to Las Vegas story? And hopefully you will all see that very, very soon.

” Well that story is still very much in production and will return soon. Because as you can see from this chapter there are a lot of pieces put into play on the big chess board of life and there’s quite a bit that’s left to happen.

But work and real life and the Mets, Jets and Knicks (yes KMB is a glutton for punishment) too often gotten in the way and things did not go according to plan.

But we are here right now and it is time to celebrate Christmas the Harem way and you do know how they love to party in Malibu. Yes indeed there is more to come in this chapter than just what you see here. Granted it’s nearly 400 pages of prelude with lots and lots of sex, but the actual party itself is not seen until the second chapter which I am immediately beginning production on.

All of this can be said of so many teen movies from the ’00s, too.• Janis' wardrobe, which was a mix of lazy goth kid and proto-scene kid.Ah, the ultimate movie about teen debauchery in the early '00s. • Visible thong, a trend that was massive in the early '00s and, eventually, faded out, especially when ultra low-rise jeans were less trendy.I'd like to see it delve a little deeper into issues, both of the romantic nature and of mental disorders.I think this show could really touch people if it takes itself a little more seriously.

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All in all, I watch it on every week, but I don't make time to watch it live like I do Chuck.

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