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We’ll give it to those guys without any further investigation, though.

Who better to take advantage of online dating than the generation responsible for the birth of the internet in the first place?

People are marketing themselves through the likes of dating platforms the same way American Eagle markets ripped jeans through their web store, and instead of destroying the dating experience, it seems this sort of behavior is actually enhancing it!

There has been lots of stigma regarding online dating and hook-up culture lately.

Statistics, however, show that the correlation between the two may be nonexistent.

In 2015, it seemed that those using online dating websites were looking more for a meaningful relationship than they were for casual sex.

Maybe they met in an algebra class or a Jewish youth group.It seems that the more popular online dating became, the more popular random hook-ups became as well.With this coincidence, it’s easy to assume that dating websites have been turning our culture into a raunchy wasteland of meaningless sex.Statistics in Britain also hint at an epidemic in online lovers.A survey sent out in 2015 revealed that more than 50% of those who are happily hitched would gladly jump on board with a dating website if they were ever single again.

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Otherwise, the list is largely unrecognizable today, dominated by long-forgotten names like,, and Market Range Inc., which sounds more like a pork-futures trading company than a dating site.

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