In the latter case, the gay couple voluntarily withdrew their application.

A spokeswoman for the Law Society of Upper Canada said they are reviewing the case and will make public their position by September 25.

In the past two decades, the school’s trustees and administration have had to reject only three other applicants.

One was because the parents did not attend any church, another was because the parents were not married but involved in open fornication, and a third case was because the applicants were open homosexuals.

The principal explained that all parents must abide by the school’s Statement of Faith and Core Family Values.

The lesbians claimed that they had no problem with the school teaching their boy beliefs contrary to their own practices.

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The HRC excludes any “religious, philanthropic, educational, fraternal or social institution or organization that is primarily engaged in serving the interests of persons identified by a prohibited ground of discrimination.” In other words, any group whose core beliefs run contrary to anti-discrimination laws.

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