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It was clear I needed a fresh start, so I moved to Grand Junction, Colorado, leaving my kids with their various moms.

In 2007, after my fifth divorce, I remarried and tried to settle down with my new wife and my three now-teenaged sons.

At 15, I decided to avoid any kind of relationship with sex and women. When I got big enough and strong enough to stand up to my father, I threatened him, telling him that if he hurt Mom again, I’d kill him.

I did end up kicking his ass, but his behavior didn’t change.

My oldest son, Vaughn, who would always say, “I want to be like you, Dad,” was attending college in Grand Junction.

Having blown the engine in his car, he was working for me to earn money for the repairs.

Through all this I called myself a believer, but I sure didn’t act like one.

Somehow, no one realized I was an addict, including me.

She hit her head and fell down unconscious; I thought she was dead.

I carried her into the bathroom and splashed water on her face. Through the years, I was married and divorced several times. My finances were a mess; I was bouncing checks and falling behind on child support.

Even after she came to, I was still angry and began punching the walls, just like my father used to do. By this time, I was getting high and using whatever I could to cope, but was careful not to get caught. Sometimes I’d get pulled over, but I’d offer the cops tickets to the games and managed to skate by without an arrest. I also went to jail after crashing into one wife’s car.

Through high school and college, I never smoked weed, drank or took drugs. After graduating in 1984, I went to the Olympic Trials in track and was selected as an alternate.

I could have gone to the next Olympics, but instead I decided to try out for professional football. I entered the 1985 National Football League (NFL) draft and was picked up by the Denver Broncos in the second round. My first year in the NFL, I started dating a woman.

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