Think about the fact that some bucks may loose 30% of their body weight during the rut.

The spring and summer is when their playing catch-up.

Today’s land stewards and whitetail managers know what an important role food plots play in the drive towards healthy animals and bigger bucks.

Food plots can transform deer management, even on small tracts, and make your hunting dreams come true.

Food plots are going to supply above the necessary 16% protein so your deer will have a chance to express their true health and antler growing potential.

Corn, only has approximately 8% protein, so native vegetation is much better than corn.If you are not familiar with what RSS or blogging is? " One of the best methods for success in life and relationships is to be prepared for whatever may come your way. If you want to stay prepared, you will need to keep in touch.So stay in tune and in touch through the power of RSS.If you enjoy our blog and find it useful - be sure to check out the Online Dating Business Blog as well. All requests are open :) I do ships/ imagines /prefrences/ moodboards/ one shots and dating would include.., see my shows page for my list of fandoms!

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